Because We Can: Hot Holiday Dresses

Because what 38 year old mother of two small children doesn't slip into this bad boy to go to the hubby's Christmas party at the local Days Inn?   (Dress from

Because what 38 year old mother of two small children doesn’t slip into this bad boy to go to the hubby’s Christmas party at the local Days Inn?
(Dress from

I am not in my early twenties anymore. Neither is Em (she’s actually two weeks older than me). So whenever I see segments on television talk shows on holiday dresses or what to wear for the seasonal parties, I totally blank out because I really have no desire to have my boobs hanging out of the top of a strapless dress (quite a feat, considering I’ve had two kids, but still possible, thanks to Wonderbra) or be tugging on the bottom hem constantly because the dress is too short and I’m scared to show some cheek. Everything out there seems tailor made for gals far younger and perkier than I am.

…Sucks. Becauses I like to look pretty, too.

So here’s a list of mom-body friendly dresses appropriate for both work and social circle Christmas parties — according to Ellie. Because I’m opinionated. So I make lists about things that are great.

modcloth -- posh at the party

Channel your inner Betty Draper and slip into this lucious looking frock from Modcloth. The teal is an eye-catching change from the black you wore last year, no? (Dress: Posh at the Party;

modcloth -- making a cameo - Copy

A figure flattering silhouette is perfectly set off in this red and black retro cameo pattern. Go ahead. Eat the damn cheesecake. (Dress: Making a Cameo;

modcloth -- genuinely genteel - Copy

Forgiving and feminine in a throwback pink that will make you want to do the Lindy Hop in front of the tree. (Dress: Genuinely Genteel;

additionelle -- draped dress - Copy

This flirty number drapes your every curve without sticking to you like that sleaze from the marketing department who keeps trying to get you under the miseltoe. This dress will keep you feeling pretty and bright long after he passes out under the punch table. (Dress: draped dress;

modcloth -- evolution of elegance - Copy

Green, baby, green! You’re bound to get noticed for all the right reasons when you walk in wearing this soft piece and a cute little pair of silver heels. Don’t forget your chablis at the bar. (Dress: Evolution of Elegance;

Modcloth -- Cascading Cava - Copy

Put some sparkle in your evening when you slip this on. Again, a festive dress with a flattering cut. How can you go wrong? …You can’t. (Dress: Cascading Cava;

Modcloth -- Bead It - Copy

Another homage to the hot, hot, hot Gatsby style this year. Slip your Spanx (I don’t have a trademark button shortcut, sorry) on and glide out the door in this tricky dress, and you’ll turn heads! If you’re the modest type, though, don’t worry — it comes in different colours, not just the flesh tone. (Dress: Bead It;

additionelle -- limited edition love and legend sequined dress - Copy

Good things come in classic packages! The cut of this dress is basic, but the dress is anything but. There’s some serious glitter here, so don’t be shy… (Dress: Limited Edition Love & Legend sequined dress;

A charming sheath dress gets the speak-easy treatment. This dress will surely become your go-to LBD for all occasions Christmas and beyond. You gotta have it. (Dress: Philharmonic in Time;