A new blog is like a first kiss — awkward, but kind of exciting at the same time

Get a blog, they said.

It’ll be great, they said.

So who are we?  Why should you care?

We are Em and Ellie, two saavy, intelligent women with a lot on the go, a lot at stake, and a lot to say.

We’re a lot like you. We’re in our late thirties.  Em is divorced, and happily remarried.  Ellie is divorced and dating (or, at least, attempting to).  We’re both moms — Ellie works, and Em is the stay-at-home variety.  We’re educated, cultured, insanely curious, and always trying to figure sh!t out.  We swear, eat fast food, cuddle our little ones every night while we read “The Monster At The End Of This Book”, and hope no one judges us for the french fries all over the floor in the backseat of the car.  We’re not trashy enough to shop at Wal-Mart in our yoga pants (until, of course, we do), and our families are everything to us.  We’ve been best friends for over twenty-five years.

Uhhh.. Did I say that?



Here’s how our thoughts are going to work:

We’ll pick a topic depending on the day of the week:

  1. Monday — pop culture (commentary, reviews, etc)
  2. Tuesday — catch-all (work, cool stuff, hot topics, miscellaneous)
  3. Wednesday — health/all about you
  4. Thursday — diy (because we’re gluttons for punishment)
  5. Friday — men and kids/relationships

Leave us comments!  Give us ideas about what you’d like to see, and topics that interest you.  This is a place where you get to say what you really think — as a woman (or not — no haters here!), a mom (or not), liberal, conservative, gay, straight, bi, married, single, fat, skinny — we don’t care what you are; it’s what you have to say that matters.

Sounds like a good way to start a conversation, doesn’t it?

Talk to you soon!


Em & Ellie








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